Get Competitive with a new Wordpres Blog

Wordpress Blog

A blog is an excellent addition to your site for one key reason - it enables you to update your site regularly with fresh and interesting content.


Why Wordpress?

Wordpress is recognised by the web design industry as a great adaptable platform from which to run a blog. Using the wordpress software gives the client many options when adding new blog pages, without requiring any knowledge of HTML or other coding languages. It is a visual program - you type your text and add your images as you would in a simple text editor like Microsoft Word for instance.


Usain Bolt's Website


- You are in good company, Usain Bolt's website uses a Wordpress Blogging platform


I've heard Wordpress can be Limiting, Are there any Other Options?

Wordpress, like any blogging software, is a complex program which takes an incredible amount of knowledge to implement behind the scenes. As such, if you want a bespoke application of the blogging software (i.e. you'd like several different pages on your website to display the latest article for a specific category, at the bottom of each page) then you may want to consider having a bespoke blogging control panel built by Linedot Web Design. Mention this to us before setup and there is usually no extra charge.


Can I add Video, Audio or the Latest Plug-in?

Absolutely. Plug-ins in particular are one of the best things about Wordpress. They allow you to develop the functionality of your blog by adding new aspects, such as a twitter feed for instance, with no need for coding know-how. Similar to the latest 'App Store' applications on smartphones, you can simply download these plugins at your leisure via Wordpress' own online store platform.


Costs & Pricing:

Adding a blog to your existing website costs a setup fee of £149 you can request the addition by email using our contact form below. If you are intending to purchase a new website package from us however, you can include a blog for just £60. Once the blog is set up, a weekly £2 fee is payable quarterly. This covers you for as many updates as you would like to add, its unlimited.


O.K. I'm Convinced, What Next?

Take a look at our Self Updateable or Blog Web Design Packages which include a Wordpress Blog as standard. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.