Website Development



At Linedot, our web developers consider any element which can be added to an already existing site in order to increase functionality as web development. We offer marketing seperately.


What does this Include?

As part of our web development services we offer E-commerce platforms, Content Management Systems, Blogs, Order Forms, Mobile Websites, Web Databases, Dynamic Content and our flagship service Anytime Updates.


Linedot have many years experience growing websites through development, our clients include online stores, designers and Members of Parliament


Anytime Updates

Fantastic Value for Money

Anytime Updates is a unique service provided by Linedot whereby you can email us any content you would like updated onto your site, and it will be uploaded within the hour by a web expert. This is a brilliant service for business owners who are short on time and just need results fast.


Wordpress Blog

Maintain you Web Presence with a Regularly Updated Blog

Express your content and opinions to the world on a daily basis using the versatile Wordpress Blogging platform. Linedot are able to customise the look and feel to your personal requirements as well as providing seamless integration with the rest of your website.


Content Management Systems

Self Updateable Websites

Being able to update your website, via an easy-to-use control panel is a must for many businesses. It allows the business owner or member of staff to update the website's content on a regular basis - touted by many as a key factor in search engine rankings and results. We use Wordpress as the platform for our Content Management Systems (CMSs) as the graphical interface behind the website itself is very easy for clients to use and allows them the freedom to add audio, video and other plugins as they see fit.


To discuss setting up a Content Management System call us on 01752 789 466.


Dynamic Content

A Functional Website that Adapts to the User

In modern web development it is vital to remember the little touches that give the user an overall improved experience with your website. Such 'dynamic' features include displaying today's date, detecting which browser is being used and advanced gallery interactivity.



E-commerce Websites

Sell Directly to Customers with an Online Shop

Have your own fully functional online store with our bespoke E-Commerce solution. Update new product lines, adjust prices and delivery charges, all while having an attractive, easy to use store-front for the customer.




Powerful Database for Maximum Functionality

We use MySQL to create custom databases which can be used to store and organise your data. With a huge range of applications available, Linedot can utilise MySQL to work with your exact requirements. As an example, the ever popular Facebook uses MySQL to great effect:



Order Forms

A Compact Online Shop Solution

This great value option may be perfect for your smaller business in order to sell products online, when a full E-Commerce package may be out of you budget range. A simple order form provides an effective solution for customers wishing to purchase your product as you can see in the example below: