Show off your Product with Embedded Videos

Embedded Video

If pictures speak louder than words, how loud does a video speak? Well, in web terms, pretty loud!

Video on your website gives potential customers the chance to experience the kind of service they will be offered, find out more about the business direct from its owners and see for themselves the high levels of quality and effort on offer. We upload all videos sent to us to Youtube (so that it doesn't take up your web space or bandwidth) and proceed to embed the video into the appropriate website immediately (including full video controls).


A Quick Example:

Here is an embedded video, featuring the Google employed SEO guru Matt Cutts. Here Matt Cutts discusses the importance of video sitemaps for websites using embedded video content.



Video Creation:

If you would like to embed a video but don't have one of your own to use, we offer a basic video creation service which may be of interest. The types of video we can create include product/service information, software demonstration/tutorials and simple marketing videos. We communicate with every client throughout the entire production process ensuring that the final result meets your required standards.


Costs & Pricing:

The cost of having a video embedded on your site is just £30/video. The starting cost for the creation of a video is just £95 for videos under 5 minutes. Longer videos may cost more, please contact Linedot for a quote.


That Gives me an Idea, What Next?

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