How Many People Are Visiting my Website Today?

Traffic Analysis - Google Analytics

Work out how well your website is doing with simple traffic reports put together by Linedot Web Design using Google Analytics software. We send yearly traffic reports to our customers as standard, but can run more reports as per request to enable you to build a results based online marketing structure.


Google Analytics:


Analytics Overview


- Steadily increasing number of visits from month to month averaging around 779 unique visitors per month


What Can we Learn?

Find out how many people visited your website this month, what websites they came from, what keywords they used to find your website on Google, how long they stayed on the website, and which pages they interacted with the most to name but a few of the fantastic breakdown features in each report.


Website Visitor Analysis



- An example of some key breakdown features available to site owners receiving our annual traffic reports


Are my Targeted Keywords Bringing Visitors?

Find out easily in our reports. We will break down incoming website traffic by individual traffic sources and for the search engine based traffic establish how many visitors came through each individual keyword.


Keyword Traffic Analysis


- Traffic Details from our '30 Day Challenge' website, created as an SEO test, page #1 on Google for our recipes and rubik's cube tutorials!


Lets Track Conversions, How do we do this?

Quite often, we will set up a website's analytics to track 'conversions' (i.e. orders placed through the website). We do this by establishing a page that is reached upon a successful order and then tracking the number of unique visits to this page. We then provide you with the number of conversions on a regular basis enabling you to test and adapt your marketing.


How Frequently Should We Have These Reports Compiled?

Quarterly. That is our suggestion for most businesses as it allows you to keep on top of the results and have enough time between reports for effects of marketing choices to be made obvious. For small businesses with limited online marketing annual reports can be sufficient.


Costs & Pricing:

Linedot Web Design will send you a full report once a year for FREE. Further reports can be requested at just £10 per extra report.


Ideal, What Next?

Choose one of our web design packages. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.