Social Media Marketing or Expert Tutoring

Social Media Marketing

Its probably not news to you that social media is the most rapidly expanding market on the internet, but how to harness the power of a clever social media campaign? Linedot Web Design offer two packages for your social media marketing needs...


The Social Media Tutorial Package:

For those who are completely 'in the dark' about social media, how to use it and best practices. We will send you our webmaster to sit down at your office with you, computer at the ready, to answer your questions and guide you through the process of setting up the key social media accounts. We will then give you a basic guide as to the goals of a social media campaign and examples of how to achieve those goals.


Social Media Tutoring


- Tutoring in social media can provide huge benefits to small businesses looking to interact with the local community and create brand awareness


The Full Social Media Package:

Let us take on your social media marketing for you. We will run a scalable campaign on your behalf looking for other local business and potential customers and building your online media personality. We will spend a few hours each week on your behalf working towards the goals of achieving plenty of followers and providing them with interesting content which could lead to increased sales and promote brand awareness.


Social Media Cloud


- Part of the social media keyword cloud image created by Sofia Peresoa, available to view at


Costs & Pricing:

The tutorial package costs £13/hour for our Webmaster's time, with a starting consultation taking on average approximately 2.5 hours. We must also charge to cover our costs for the journey to your place of work.

The full media package is available at just £13/week.


Sounds Ideal, What Next?

Take a look at our Setup & Sell Website Package which includes the full Social Media Package as standard. Our Portfolio Web Design Package includes a free social media advice session. Alternatively, call us on 01752 789 466 to discuss your requirements.