Use slideshows to show off your key images

Slideshows - Get Noticed

Slideshows are where an image on the page rotates to display a new image after a given amount of time. They are excellent for highlighting a range of products, the local area and many key aspects of your business. People are more likely to interact with a website that contains slideshows - they are attention grabbers and can focus user attention on key areas of the website.


Slideshow Example:

The slideshow below uses a simple JavaScript to swap the image every 6 seconds.



Costs & Pricing:

Adding a slideshow is charged at £60 for setup, which includes the first 6 slides, then £4 per slide.


Can You Add One to my Existing Site?

Absolutely, not a problem. Contact us about adding a slideshow to your website today.


O.K, I'm Convinced, What Next?

A number of our packages include a slideshow. Choose one from our list of bestsellers. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.