Expert SEO could mean Number 1 on Google

External SEO

External Search Engine Optimisation is what most people need when they talk about getting their current website up to the top of Google for a given key phrase. It is a complex subject so please take the time to read through our short guide below.


The Thing About SEO is There are No Result Guarantees...

Most SEO companies admit this but then proceed to charge a very high fixed price fee for their SEO services.


What Google Tells us About Search Engines:

Understanding how the search engines truly work is the first step to understanding SEO.



- Pay extra attention when Matt mentions PageRank - most SEO is built around this idea: that good links from good sources can increase your rank on Google


Using the Experts

At Linedot we are specialists in Web Design with a fair amount of cross-over knowledge in SEO. That by itself, is simply not enough. As two very different and incredibly complex industries, finding a team truly capable of delivering you the best on both Web Design and SEO fronts is highly unlikely. To this end, Linedot works with experts in the SEO industry who we have selected based on their performance with ourselves and our clients in the past. You will be able to have direct contact with the SEO expert we agree upon, and will get all the benefit of two sets of expertise.


How Soon Will I Know if it's Successful?

One of the keys to a truly successful SEO campaign is to track your progress. At Linedot we can provide you full reports analysing your traffic data with metrics such as Bounce Rate - how many people click on your website then just click straight off it again? Traffic sources - where are you customers finding out about your website, which keywords are converting the best? And much, much more.


Optional Extras

We can track your actual conversions (those who place an order) for companies with a clear business order form or procedure on the website.


White Hat, Black Hat

You may have heard the terms 'white-hat' and 'black-hat' when searching for an agency to perform SEO on your business' website. Our company only employs 'white-hat' means of increasing your organisation's ranking on Google - we will never perform 'black-hat' techniques. The reason for this is we are a long-term solution. 'Black-hat' SEO may get you higher on the search engines in the short term (it most likely will not) but it is considered immoral and disapproved of by Google. Should they find out, 'black-hat' SEO can lead to a huge reduction in ranking on Google, or full removal. Always choose a 'white-hat' company for your SEO.


Costs & Pricing:

To give you a cost for your SEO we need to sit down and discuss what you are looking to achieve, perform some keyword research and then suggest a plan for your SEO campaign. Each plan is individual and the price will vary.


Sounds Worthwhile, What Next?

If you already have a website call us on 01752 789 466 or e-mail and we'll talk it through with you. If you need a website too take a look at our Setup & Sell Website Package which includes an External SEO Campaign as standard. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.