Packaging Design: Case Study

The Particular Pig Sausages



Stage 1: Guided Design Concepts

Variety is the Spice of Design

The owners of The Particular Pig registered brand asked us to first develop them an eliptical logo on a numebr of backgrounds, looking for a local, natural feel

We like to provide a variety of options to the client who can then select one to develop further...


Stage 1: 20 Logo Concepts


Stage 2: Development

Getting it Perfect

In this case, The Particular Pig Company had eyes for our butcher-style awning design, but asked for it to be developed so that all elements were centered and text elements aligned exactly - going for symmetry


Stage 2: Development


Stage 3: Variations

Paying Attention to the Target Audience

Altering the design to fit packaging, it crossed our designers mind that the target audience for the product was more up-market than the packaging was currently allowing for. So we provided an original 'design on pack' image for the customer to compare with a more upmarket version with a dark grey and silver motif underlying the image.


Stage 3: Reasoned Variation


Stage 4: Selection & Adjustments

Print Ready Artwork

Once the darker version had been chosen by the client and actual packaging sizes provided, we proceeded to adapt the design to a far smaller label size ready for print.


The Final Size: