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Order Forms

Not everyone needs a full e-commerce solution to sell their product to their customers. For some, a simple order form will suffice. Order forms are far cheaper than e-commerce, they allow your potential customers to convert into actual customers online. We have clients who swear by their order form.


An Order Form Success Story...

In November 2012, Penny Jones of Staddon Farm Nurseries contacted us in regard to a new speciality - Primula Sieboldii. They had seen some e-commerce quotes from other companies for somewhat large amounts and were looking for a cheaper but equally effective option for a new specialised website.

After sitting down and discussing the options with Penny, we agreed that an order form was the most cost effective method of achieving Penny's new business goals. We built Penny's Primulas a new website with a bespoke order form...


Penny's Primulas Order Form


- Print screen of the order form at PennysPrimulas.co.uk including brief instructions and prices


Penny went to trade shows to get the word out on the ground and our internal SEO took care of the online marketing, placing the new website at #1 on Google for their speciality - Primula Sieboldii.

As orders came in, Penny asked us to develop the site so that they could update the individual prices and quantities available themselves...


Self Updateable Website


- A quick glimpse inside the simple, built for purpose admin panel at PennysPrimulas.co.uk

Soon after, the BBC found the website and asked Penny to speak on their current prime time gardening program. Orders increased even further as a result of the extra exposure to the point that Penny's new Primula Sieboldii venture was top of the competition.

Penny has rang us directly, since completion, to thank us for providing Penny's Primulas with the solution they needed, at a price they could afford, and for using our expertise in internal SEO and order forms to help them achieve the success the quality of their work deserves.


Could an Order Form be Right for Me Too?

Generally, order forms are great low cost alternatives to e-commerce. E-commerce on the other hand is great for websites with a large amount of products for sale where the website is intended to be an online shop only. If you have a big budget, e-commerce is the way to go. If your budget is smaller then definitely use an order form.


Can You Track your Online Conversions?

Absolutely. Using an order form is one of the most reliable methods of tracking how well your website is converting visitors into customers.


Can I Update Prices and Quantites?

Yes. There are no limitations to how often you change prices and quantities - this is covered by the small weekly fee.


Costs & Pricing:

Each order form (up to 20 products) costs just £120. For more products add £2.50 per product. We will wave these fees for customers ordering a new website package with us. A small weekly charge of £3 per bookable item applies.


Sounds like the Best Option for Us, What Next?

Take a look at our Small Ecommerce Package or Bookings Website Package which include the form feature as standard. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.