Unlock your Potential with a MySQL Databse


MySQL is the most popular internet open source database. In short, its the name for the database we use which can store, edit and apply any data necessary to build a highly functional website.

MySQL has a vast amount of applications. You can use it to build your own internal search engine for instance, or to build a feature which allows users to search for an object, let's say a jumper from a fashion website, but only return results where the jumper is made from wool, and under £50.

Furthermore, if you change your website design company, the MySQL database can be exported and given to the new company, enabling them to continue from where the previous webmaster left off.


Did you Know? - Facebook uses a MySQL Database

MySQL at Facebook


- When you log on to your Facebook timeline, the Facebook website contacts the MySQL database where everything that has ever been posted is stored, and returns your individual timeline - all in a few milliseconds. Facebook use MySQL because it is incredibly fast, scalable and vast. Their quote on the MySQL website suggests "We (Facebook) are one of the largest MySQL web sites in production. MySQL has been a revolution for young entrepreneurs."


Can MySQL facilitate me Updating the Website Myself?

In short, yes. We use MySQL and PHP to build you a control panel from which you can edit parts of the website. Please see our content management system service for more details and costings.


Costs & Pricing:

MySQL databases are for those customers who want either dynamic content or a specific user feature. As this type of web development is usually of a bespoke nature it is difficult to give an exact price without knowing the full requirements. We can give you a definite quote very quickly however - just fill out our contact form below explaining the feature you're looking for.