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- 'Key Aspect Mobile Website' of our client SmarthouseAV and a 'Full Mobile Website' of recent client McMillan Interiors

You may have noticed that some websites look a little different on your mobile - these are the sites which have been optimised to be easily read by a user on a smaller screen.

At Linedot we can provide mobile versions of your website, from simply adjusting the most important things (making the menu large enough to be read and pages selected without zooming), to a full mobile website including a mobile layout and increased image and text sizes.


How Important is Mobile Web Design?

Take a quick peek at the chart below and pay particular attention to the statistics in the far right-hand column. Only 4% of website visitors were using their mobile to access websites in general in January 2014. However, this is up a very solid and consistent 0.8% since July 2013. It is this trend that has website designers scrambling to find a good solution for their customers.

Mobile Website Stats by w3schools


- End of year statistics for Operating System usage shown as a percentage of total website visits i.e. how many visitors used a mobile device...

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For some businesses, 4% of website traffic is still a huge amount of people that otherwise wouldn't be able to interact with the site so easily. For others its the second fact, and the growing market of smart-phones that is driving them forward into the mobile web design market. In our opinion, its usually worth getting the basics right for mobiles and making sure everything is readable and clickable without zooming. It makes a huge difference to user experience.


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