Logo Design: Case Study

Classique Entertainment



Stage 1: 10 Logo Concepts

Contact & Brief

Finding us via Google, Classique took advantage of our 10 logo concepts for £50 offer. Following a detailed phone conversation Linedot set about providing Classique with a selection of logos to fit their brief: a clean but colourful set of logo designs to suit their website's dark background.


Design 1: 'Minimal Breakdown' Style

Design 2: 'Colourful Spotlight' Style

Design 3: 'Minimal Mic' Style


Stage 2: Fonts

Discovering the Client's Preference

From our 10 designs Classique chose to develop one that focused on the 'Q' as the area for creative development. We discussed the font provided and Classique asked if we could supply a number of ideas from which to choose, with a preference for 'handwritten' style fonts. We purposefully did not include the Q in the font selection as this was where the design was going to take shape later on.


Fonts 27 to 30:


From the fonts, Classique chose their favourite. Having purchased the font in question we the adapted it to Classique's specification to make it look less uniform by rotating and spacing the letters.


The Adapted Chosen Font:


Stage 3: 3D Shape Development

Driving Forward Ideas

Alongside developing around the missing 'Q' Classique asked us to build a concept of a 3D shape within the design to see if it might be something that would appeal. To conserve their expenditure, we promised to create a very 'rough' 3D shape as it was only a guide or 'prototype'.


3D Shape Concept:


Seeing the 3D shape, Classique asked us to blend the two options going forward and develop a 3D shape to form the 'Q' of the design. As a bespoke and unique 3D object, developing the Q was a complex task which can be broken down into the following stages.


Stage 1: 'Skeleton'

Stage 2: 'Behind the Shape'

Stage 3: 'Gradient Colouring'


Stage 4: Tweaks

Colouring, Shadows and Resizing

Once the concept was finalised we brought the design in-line with our own aesthetic demands by applying two crisp shadowing techniques. Classique then asked us t reduce the size of the 'Q' overall and colour the lower part of the image similar to the top.


The Finalised Logo: