Get Their Attention with Simple jQuery Elements

jQuery Effects & Widgets

jQuery is a JavaScript library, used in 65% of the top 10,000 most used websites. jQuery enables webmasters to create elements with 'special effects' such as buttons fading on mouse hover, content sliding in and many more visual animations. It also allows us to build content sliders in particular - those elements of a website where you have a rotating image and associated text with slide buttons that you can click through to move the content.


jQuery Logo


What do we use jQuery for?

Linedot Web Design use jQuery to highlight aspects of the website which are most important to the user, and catch their attention on the homepage. Generally speaking, we use it sparingly. Do you remember the sites from the 90s that were all flying objects and jiggling animations? We prefer to appeal to the user rather than risk distracting and annoying them.


jQuery Client Slider


- We created our client list with jQuery so users could slide the content and choose which client they were interested in without having to load a new page each time...


Why jQuery?

Webmaster's used to use Flash to achieve special effects on websites but search engines were not able to find an effective method of indexing the content and as such a replacement for flash was needed that allowed the search engines to read the special content.

Enter JavaScript. JavaScript used the internet user's own computer to achieve special effects via full implementation within the HTML source code of the website making the associated content easily readable by search engines and user alike. Webmasters began to use JavaScript in a fragmented and inconsistent manner but this was better than using flash.

Then came jQuery. A user-friendly library of thousands of JavaScript solutions already designed and awaiting adaptation by web designers to achieve a common, aesthetically pleasing website consistent with modern styling.


How could it Benefit our Business?

jQuery elements such as sliders can look extremely professional and interesting to the user when built right. They can set your website apart from the competition.

Did you notice our rotating image on the front page? You might not have though about it, but did this catch your attention more than the rest of the content? jQuery is an excellent highlighting tool when used sparingly.


Costs & Pricing:

Most jQuery elements are charged at £80 per element.


Sounds Ideal, What Next?

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