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Internal Search Engine Optimisation

Internal Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps search engines find and establish your website, work out what it's about and index it appropriately. Linedot Web Design are experts in Internal SEO because they keep up to date with the latest available data (see below) and use their own vast experience alongside this ever-adapting base of information to intelligently create truly excellent Internal SEO.


Internal SEO Factors Survey Data Courtesy of Moz (Formerly SEOMoz):


Internal SEO Data courtesy of Moz


- Print screen of a small selection of keyword data survey from SEO experts and trusted source,


What's the difference between Internal and External SEO?

Internal SEO is Search Engine Optimising knowledge which is applied directly to the website's source code itself usually involving the intelligent placement of keywords. External SEO on the other hand is optimisation knowledge applied through external websites (usually through the procurement of links and other external methods).


Which is most Effective?

External SEO is likely to be the most effective. That doesn't mean to say that Internal SEO can't be effective, we have got websites to rank at number one on Google for important keywords using purely Internal SEO methods (see why we are proud of the Penny's Primulas website in our client portfolio).

External SEO is very complex in relation to Internal SEO, and as such more websites have good Internal SEO than have good External SEO. That said, Internal SEO is the solid basis from which good External SEO can be achieved; you cannot have the latter without paying attention to the former.

In short: Internal SEO is a necessity for any website that wants to compete. Its a relatively easy and cost-effective way (for those web designers with good experience) of getting higher on Google without extortionate cost. Internal SEO seperates a bad website from a good website. External SEO separates a good website from a superb website.


Costs & Pricing:

Internal SEO is an integral part of any website and as such we include it in all packages as standard, free of charge.

If you'd like an Internal SEO appraisal of an already existing website, and a quote for changes contact us today.


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