Acquire a Host with an Excellent Reputation


Every website needs hosting. In most cases hosting is provided by a separate hosting company who are chosen and managed by a website design agency such as Linedot Web Design.


Why is Hosting Important?

You might have a fantastic website design company, but if they employ a sub-standard host then your website could be 'going down' every five minutes and with little support on offer. You should aim to choose a website agency which has built up a level of trust through experience with a certain host whom they fully trust. Many website agencies will simply choose the cheapest host to save on cost, this can be a huge mistake.


Hosting Features


- Top Reasons to Choose Linedot Web Design's current hosting partner, including the 99.5% Uptime Guarantee...


How does Hosting work?

Your host owns the computer, known as a hosting server, that broadcasts your business' website online. Each time someone types in your domain or clicks on your website on Google, their computer sends a message to the main server. The main server uncovers the numerical IP address for that domain, and contacts the appropriate hosting server (which owns the specified IP). The hosting server then returns your website to the user.


Who do Linedot Web Design use as a Host and Why?

We use a highly recommended company called Siteground. Siteground boasts a 99.5% uptime (this means your website never goes offline), a live feed to check up on server health, great levels of bandwidth and most importantly truly excellent customer support.

Linedot Web Design switched to Siteground after the previous hosting company outsourced their support team. Through our years of experience we place high value on the need for a web design agency and host to work alongside each other to resolve all technical issues effectively. We have found Siteground's support team to be a truly excellent in-house team with low response times and high quality of service. We'd recommend them to anyone.


Hosting Features


- Siteground have Excellent Reputation and Support Services...


I Get it, But What does that Mean for Me?

+ Your Website with us will be online 99.5% of the time

+ You get more Bandwidth (read: a greater number of visitors without slow-down problems) than is offered as standard by most web agencies

+ Requests for new e-mail accounts, dedicated IPs and more can be done quickly and smoothly

+ Any unexpected issues will be dealt with swiftly by a highly qualified professional

+ You can check to confirm that your server is working as it should be at any given time

+ Your e-mails won't get blacklisted and placed in recipients spam folders due to another website owner on a shared hosting server using spamming techniques (this often happens to other agencies who don't pay the small amount extra)


Costs & Pricing:

For very basic websites hosting will be approximately £63/year. Websites with advanced capabilities such as a Wordpress back-end for self-updates, a blog or an E-commerce site for instance will cost a little more - call 07970 544 946 for more information.


O.K. I'm Convinced, What Next?

Give us a call on 07970 544 946 to discuss your needs.