Graphic Design Services


Logo Design

Print Ready & Designed to Specification

We have been recognised as the official logo makers for clients from a number of industries and are proud of each logo design. Call us on 01752 789 466 to discuss what you need or take a look at our latest logo design case study.


Discover how the Classique logo was made step by step...


Website Graphic Design

Clean, Simple and Effective

At some stage in your business life, nothing will be more important than to acquire an eye catching, easily recognisable memorable brand to convert potential customers and promote repeat business. Nowhere is this more obvious than on your company's website.

At Linedot we can take your current branding and expand it or we can develop you an entirely new brand based upon a colour scheme and design style of your choice, call 01752 789 466.



A Beautiful way to Present your Business

Product, Service and information brochures are some one of our favourite things to design. They have a large creative element but also allow for some structured and well crafted material to be on display.

Call us on 01752 789 466 to discuss what you're looking for or follow our latest product brochure case study.


Discover how the Airtrace RF brochure was made step by step...



Vector Based Print Ready Packaging Design

We can work with your chosen printer to develop your product packaging. Give us a call right away on 01752 789 466 to find out more or see our latest packaging desing case study..


Discover how the Particular Pig packaging was designed step by step...