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Graphic Design + is aimed at clients who wish to have powerful, effective and consistent visual branding across their new website. If you are looking for something which is visually stunning, eye-catching and appealing then we highly recommend choosing the plus version of our graphic design.


The Graphic Design is carried out by a highly qualified professional who is dedicated purely to providing graphic design to the web industry and focused solely on your project. We've scanned the web to find the best agencies and freelancers for each individual project and are proud to have built some excellent working relationships which enable us to offer a truly bespoke, high impact graphic design option to clients with a visual emphasis.



Our Clients:



Graphic Design Plus Example - Lakefield Caravan Park

Website: Lakefield Caravan Park




Graphic Design +


Lakefield's graphic design plus website uses a striking combination of violets and greens to build a highly interactive and eye-catching brand throughout the site.


The menu design is based upon a leather 'ribbon effect' with a width slightly greater than the main content to provide depth. The clever shadowing creates a 3D effect to make the website stand forward from the background. The background itself stretches without distorting to fit the browser window.




Costs & Pricing:


Adding Graphic Design + to your new website package costs a flat fee of £85, we think this is excellent value for money for any business but in particular medium-large business can achieve great results for a very small relative cost.



O.K, I'm Convinced, What Next?


Take a look at our Portfolio Web Design Package or Anytime Updates Packages (Large), (Medium) or (Small) which include Graphic Design + as standard. Or, build your own website package and cost it using our simple calculator.