Email Marketing can help Raise Awareness

Email Marketing

Whether you want to make your clients aware of a new product, send them your latest news or invite them to enjoy your product or service at a discounted rate an e-mail marketing campaign can help. It's not for everyone, but it can be an effective marketing technique if used professionally and appropriately.


More than Just an Email

Our e-bulletins can include images, videos, and pretty much everything you would expect to find on a website. This means you can create an e-mail that the customer can interact with.


Email Newsletter Design


- An example of our work - e-mail news bulletin issue 05 from the office of John Stevenson MP arriving in a gmail inbox


Eye Catching Designs

We have full control of how the e-mail looks so we can build a bespoke design based upon your requirements to catch the eye of the customer and increase sales.


Ebulletin Advertising


- Airtrace Ltd. commissioned Linedot Web Design to create an ebulletin advertising their bestseller: the Sanjole Wavejudge


Analyse the Campaign and Find out what Sparks your Customers' Interest

After the e-mail campaign we will analyse the open rate followed by the click through rate and what parts of the page garnered the most attention. We will send you this data in a simple and colourful report for you to use at your leisure. We also filter unsubscribes to enable you to identify potential issues.


Build an Informed Customer Base

Your initial list of people to mail must come from people who have subscribed. If you have a list of definitely interested parties already then we can use that. Otherwise we can create a subscribe button on your website, but you need to give your users a reason to subscribe!


Costs & Pricing:

Each e-bulletin costs £65 for a simple design or £90 for a very expansive and detailed emails. Most e-bulletins fall into the former category but if you'd like to discuss thsi with us and get a formal quote, send us a message today.


Sounds Ideal, What Next?

Take a look at our Anytime Updates Packages (Large), (Medium) or (Small) which include Email Marketing as a standard feature. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.