Increase Your Brand Visibility Using Emails

Email Accounts

Using a domain based e-mail account (i.e. one that ends in can help a business look as professional as it should - for whatever reason, people are comforted by the idea that a company has taken the time to set up and run e-mail accounts. On top of this fact, having your brand or domain in your email address when contacting clients can ensure a high level of brand visibility.


Webmail Client


- At the login page of your domain based e-mail account you will have 3 options as to which webmail client you prefer to use


How do I Access my New Email Account?

You can access your new account through our webmail clients (3 to choose from), or we can help you set-up your current email client (Outlook, LiveMail etc.) to use your new account.


I Already have an E-mail Account, Will I have to Check Both?

We can easily set up one account to forward all e-mail to the other meaning you only have to keep an eye on the one email address.


Costs & Pricing (its usually FREE):

At Linedot Web Design, we are more than happy to create domain based e-mail accounts, entirely free with all packages (number of free accounts is package dependent). Each account has up to 250mb of space in the inbox so you hopefully never get that annoying pop-up telling you your inbox is full!

If you already have a website and would like us to set this up for you, you will be chargd at our standrad hourly rate, currently £13/hour. A likely setup time is one hour per account, including forwarding to the mail client of your choice (so you can use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc. to access your new email account).


O.K. I'm Convinced, What Next?

Choose one of our web design packages. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.