Adaptable, User-centric Dynamic Content Sells

Dynamic Content

One of the reasons humanity has survived so well is its ability to adapt - websites can mimic this same adaptability with dynamic content. 'Dynamic content' are aspects of the website which are subject to change in relation to outside variables - the user's preferences, the browser, the date...


Adjustable on the Fly Dynamic Gallery Effects:

Dynamic Gallery


- Print screen of the Airtrace Datasheet Selector Gallery which allows users to alter the effect between slides


What are the Most Useful Applications of Dynamic Content?


Why not have a simple button which allows the user to magnify certain text, or change the first article on the page to be that with the date closest to the current date? Dynamic content is a fantastic way of keeping your website up-to-date and interesting without having to spend hours each day providing new content.

Each business requires their own level and type of dynamic data, but it usually involves events, articles and user adaptable features for a more interactive website.


A Little Extra Search Engine Optimisation & the Google Philosophy

Search Engines love websites that change frequently as it suggests that they are being maintained and kept up to date which is ideal for the potential user - no-one wants to view an out-of-date authoritative article about a subject if the parameters have changed with time, as they often do (think searching for 'British #1 tennis player semi-final Wimbledon' and getting an article about Tim Henman vs Pete Sampras come up)!


Google Prioritises Users


- Print screen of Google's philosophy on providing the most appropriate content to the user above all else


I've Got an Idea, Is it Possible?...

Usually? Yes. We like to think we can always find a way to make your dynamic content ideas a reality (with the odd exception where the difficulty far outweighs the benefit). We are more than happy to give you some advice in this area, just ask us.


Costs & Pricing:

Dynamic Content is usually bespoke but an average figure for comparison would be £50-£60 per dynamic element.


That Sounds like a Good Idea, What Next?

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