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FREE Domain Name

Linedot Web Design will provide your business with a free domain name. The domain will be free for as long as we are your website provider and at least one is included in every website package we offer.

If you know the domain name you want, just let us know and we'll acquire it for you immediately. Alternatively, if you'd like some advice on the best possible domain for your business then send us an e-mail today and let us come up with some detailed options for you.


Will I Own the Domain?

Absolutely. If at any point you wish to move the domain, or change providers, we have a clause detailed into all our contracts which states that you, the client, are the owner of the domain and you may also have it transferred at any point free of charge.


I'm not Quite Sure what a 'Domain' is...

A 'domain' or 'domain name' is the address used to find your website.

For instance, our domain name is The domain for Facebook is


Buy a Domain FREE with LineDot Web Design


- Examples of some of the most popular 'top-level' domains (the bit after your chosen domain name), choosing which TLD is right for you is the first step in building your business' new or improved online presence...


Is the Domain I want Available?

Fill out our contact form and let us find out for you today. If for some reason the domain is unavailable we will come up with a range of options to suit your needs from which you can choose your favourite.


Costs & Pricing (*one domain FREE on all packages):

Contrary to popular belief, there is no benefit at the search engine level to owning more than one domain. We offer all our clients one free domain for as long as they are with us.


O.K. I'm Convinced, What Next?

Give us a call on 07970 544 946 to discuss your needs.