Use Contact Forms to get the Whole Picture

Simple Contact Forms

Contact forms allow your website's users to fill out a simple form and then e-mail it to you by clicking submit. It prevents the need for an external mail client and directs the user to input the most important information through required fields.

No nonsense! No-one likes it when you fill out a form, make a mistake, and your form information disappears! All contact forms designed by Linedot Web Design remember the information the user inputs.


How does it Work?

Each field in the contact form is read by a PHP script which then sends it to a specified e-mail address set by the website owner. Individual error responses are set up to advise users of missed information. You can ask for as little or as much information as you like. Include a required e-mail field so you can hit reply an e-mail the customer direct.


Why not just Display an E-mail Address?

Using a contact form helps protect your e-mail address from the spam bots. Furthermore, with a contact form you can set certain information as necessary to enable you to fully understand the client's situation and react accordingly.


Costs & Pricing:

Adding a contact form into your new website costs £20.


O.K, I'm Convinced, What Next?

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