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Multi Browser Compatibility

Browsers are the programs we all use to 'browse' the internet. Even iPods and Tablets use a browser, labelled or unlabelled. You will probably have heard of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Google's Chrome and maybe even Mozilla's Firefox browser. Your website needs to be designed to work well in all browsers, so no website visitor is put off by a substandard version of your website which occurs on their device only.


Browser Usage Statistics courtesy of W3Schools:


W3C Schools Browser Statistics


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A Little Internet History

Back when very few people realised there were other browsers out there and with the cleverly named Internet Explorer shipped with each new PC, Microsoft dominated the browser market. This was a huge problem for users and designers alike. The problem was simple. Unlike every other browser out there, Internet Explorer isn't standards compliant - it makes its own rules for how to handle HTML code. This lead to websites looking radically different, and even broken in Internet Explorer in comparison to other browsers. Intelligent web design companies came up with ways to force Internet Explorer to behave in the way they required it to by manipulating the source code behind each website, and we still do it now (although Microsoft's new versions have got much better, we still have to make sure it works on the person's computer that is running an ancient Internet Explorer 7.0)!

At the start of 2009, Mozilla Firefox took over from Internet Explorer as the most used browser, with a market share of 45.5%. From January of 2009, Chrome's lowly market share of 3.9% started to increase steadily in line with the decline of Internet Explorer, with Firefox's usage remaining stable. In March 2012 Google Chrome took over the majority market share, finally stealing a portion of Mozilla Firefox's clientele to build a market share as dominant as Internet Explorer's back in mid 2008.


Costs & Pricing:

Cross Browser Compatibility is an integral part of any website and as such, unlike other companies, we include it in all packages as standard, free of charge.


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