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Anytime Updates

Anytime Updates is one of the services which sets Linedot Web Design apart from its competitors. Anytime Updates means that at any time in the working day, you can send Linedot Web Design a message, an article, an image, a video or any other content and expect it to be up on the website within an hour, sometimes within minutes.

Unlike other similar services on offer such as the well known 1and1 MyWebsite package, you don't have to do these updates yourself. At Linedot Web Design they are completed by an expert in web design who will apply his/her search engine knowledge to each task and enable the update to be incredibly effective.


Our Customers:

Web Design for MPs with Anytime Updates


- Websites of two of our key 'Anytime Updates' customers, the Right Honourable Peter Lilley MP and John Stevenson MP


Who could Benefit from Anytime Updates?

Small/medium to medium sized businesses and above with an aim of providing regular content.


I'm Not Sure About Whether to Provide Regular Updates...

From a Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing basis there is very little which is more effective than providing regularly updated, good content to the internet user. For further explanation, take a look at our dynamic content section.

Its also an extremely cost effective way of getting the best out of your regularly updated content. Anytime Updates is very similar to using an in-house web designer, but you will be paying approximately 3% of the salary that you'd have to pay for that extra employee.


Think Big, Grow Rich...

If you have the vision and the budget, the Anytime Updates feature comes with our strongest recommendation. Our success is built on its success and we intend to work hard to maintain its status as the best possible update system for our customers for the foreseeable future.


Costs & Pricing:

Customers of the Anytime Updates system pay a weekly fee from £6-£30/month depending on the expected number of weekly updates. This is the only fee you will pay on all packages which include Anytime Updates except the Small Anytime Updates package which has a highly reduced £239 setup fee. There is no setup fee on the Medium and Large Anytime Updates packages.


O.K. I'm Convinced, What Next?

Take a look at our Anytime Updates Packages (Large), (Medium) or (Small) which include Anytime Updates as a core service. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.