Getting Seen on Google Couldn't be Easier

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google's own tool, which allows you to appear on the sponsored listings for certain searches at the top and on the right of the Google search results page.


Sponsored Listings on Google

Google allows website owners and the agencies that represent them to bid for position in sponsored listings. This means you can get your website on the first page of Google for key terms of your choosing for a small fee. It is a pay-per-click system, so you only pay when a customer actually clicks through to your website. Google Adwords can be a great method of promoting your business for those with good margins, especially when your Adwords campaign is spearheaded by an experienced professional such as those at Linedot Web Design.



- Google Adwords is continuously evolving and being developed to offer the user great content, take advantage of these new features today...


Can I set up an Adwords Account Myself?

You can, but you will likely pay over the odds for your keywords. Furthermore, Adwords is rather complex for those who want to get the most out of it. In the long-run, it will benefit you substantially (and financially!) to employ a professional.


How does it work?

Firstly, we spend a lot of time building a list of the most appropriate keywords for your business to target based upon how often they convert to sales, how they fit in with your website content and what areas you would like to expand into.

We then set a budget (your choice), and use that daily budget to bid on the chosen keywords. Every time someone searches those keywords, your sponsored listing will appear. We pay close attention to your ad-text to make sure your click-through rate is high as this will lower the cost of each successful bid.


Google Adwords Professionals Control Panel


- The Google Adwords control panel with key information at the top


Can you target Specific Locations?

Absolutely. In our own campaigns we target the two closest counties, Devon and Cornwall. The boundaries don't have to be counties, they can be countries, or they can be based on cities and co-ordinates for a more personal and controlled business reach strategy.


target Your Users Location


- Analytics graphical representation of where the visits to our 30 Day Challenge blog site have been coming from, the darker the country the more visits


Why Linedot Web Design?

We have a proven track record. On top of others, we have run our own Adwords campaign since the start of the business, set up in the previous decade. We keep ourselves clued up with monthly research by staying on top of current trends and knowledge. We run split-testing methods to develop each ad to its full potential over the first few months to lower costs for the customer and increase sales. We believe we are one of the best out there at this for one key reason - it relies on a high level of testing which has always been our chosen method of achieving great results.

We have applied our abilities and experience with Adwords to provide online marketing for a number of customers, achieving success with each one. In our last campaign (see first image above), we achieved a cost per conversion (cost per actual order) of £8.78 through highly targeted keywords tied in with excellent internal SEO, geo-targeting and most importantly high click-through rates.


How Your Sponsored Ad Appears:


Sponsored Listing


- An example taken from Google's Adwords Introduction section at


What to watch out for...

Some companies will say they can do it for an incredibly cheap price. When you get one of these offers, check the keywords that they are going to bid on. It is possible that they are bidding on poor performance keywords that won't convert. As an example, if you are a cleaning company targeting people who want a vacuum cleaning service for their office, an unscrupulous company may bid on the key term 'vacuum cleaner'. If you do that search yourself, you'll see that what people who use that search term are actually looking for is a product. They want a hoover not someone to clean their offices! As they say on Watchdog, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.


Number Crunching & Adwords Viability

If your margins are above £10 per unit you should probably employ us to run an adwords campaign. We can usually generate a click through rate of 2-10%, at a cost of roughly £1 per click. On average, one in 10 clicks result in a trackable order (not including those who phone you direct without using the contact page as we cannot track this). That's a cost of about £10 per new customer. If your margins are above £10 per unit, it's worthwhile.


Costs & Pricing:

We charge £100 for initial setup and then apply the standard charge of 15% of your chosen ad-spend.


Sounds Ideal, What Next?

Take a look at our Setup & Sell Website Package which includes a Google Adwords Sponsored Listings Campaign as standard. Or, give us a call on 01752 789 466 to discuss your needs.