Small Ecommerce Web Design Package

Small E-commerce Package £579 + £4/week


The Small E-commerce web design package from Linedot Web Design is for those looking to sell products online without the large cost of the full e-commerce solution. The small e-commerce package is a great deal and is only available for those with less than 100 products. This package suits those with a small-medium but consistent range of products looking to take their first steps into the ecommerce world.


Customers of the Small E-commerce package get a comprehensive, e-commerce style website including up to 7 other pages. External SEO is usually offered after 3 months to get the products established at the search level.


Paypal's Website Payments Standard will be set up on your behalf and integrated into the solution to provide customers of the new website with a safe and recognisable means of payment (this also means small businesses don't have to take out expensive credit card processing software/licences).


What features do I get? Can I update it?

You can update the e-commerce site with new categories and products, run polls and much, much more. We use the both the Magento and Wordpress e-commerce platforms to give you a truly expandable e-commerce platform, if there is a feature you'd like we can add it in for you. Your website will allow people to register and then re-order the same items as their last order in one simple click. You can show related products to boost extra sales, show off your most popular products and even run time limited special offers and discounts. It all depends on the design you choose but you will get a whole host of features, some of which you may never need to use (but they're always there ready and waiting just in case)!


Full Package Includes & Quick Details


E-commerce websites are those that allow the website owner to sell products and take payments online. Give customers an easy way to browse your product catalogue with our easy to use platform. This package includes a small e-commerce solution which means you must start out with less than 100 products.


External SEO

As part of this package Linedot Web Design will assist in setting up and performing a targeted search engine optimisation plan aimed at driving more traffic to your website via the search engines. Your website could appear higher in customer's search results, beating the competition.


Also Includes:

Graphic Design, Monthly Traffic Reports, Image Sourcing, Contact Forms, 1 FREE Domain, Hosting, Internal SEO, Browser Compatibility, Sitemap, Email Accounts and Favicons.


How much is the monthly fee?

£4/week covers the cost of maintaining the e-commerce solution on your behalf.


What Extras Can I Add?

+ ADD £100 for Google Adwords Setup

+ ADD £30 for Image Sourcing

+ ADD £60 for a Photography Session


Customers with Similar Packages

Craft Fusion recently asked us to build them a small e-commerce store to stand alongside their existing outdated store and website. They made £100+ extra in the first week from the new store in part thanks to a frequently visited existing website, also designed by Linedot.


Craft Fusion


Visit: (store)


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