Product Suite Web Design Package

Product Suite Web Design Package £559


The Product Suite Web Design package from Linedot Web Design was created to give business owners with a sizeable range of products an excellent quality website without the hassle or cost of an e-commerce solution.


The Product Suite Web Design package is designed to showcase your products - which is why it includes a free professional photography session from a local photographer, 20 pages (more can be added), a slideshow and full graphic design work.


We will also provide a years hosting, the purchase of your chosen domain, 4 domain based e-mail account and annual traffic reports.


Updates are not seen as essential to this package. For those who do require infrequent updates, these are charged at an hourly rate, with most small updates taking very little time at all.



Photographer in Studio


- The Product Suite Web Design package is the only new website package from Linedot Web Design that includes a free photography session


Full Package Includes & Quick Details

Graphic Design

This package includes full graphic design from digitalising your logo and other branding to the layout and aesthetic structure of the website. We will sit down and discuss our designs with you to get the best possible look and feel.


1 Slideshow

Slideshows allow users to get a more extensive understanding of your company by looking at highlighted features in a single location. Our slideshow devices are professional, simple and often interactive. Up to 6 slides are included free.


Also Includes:

Photography, jQuery, Contact Forms, 1 FREE Domain, Hosting, Internal SEO, Browser Compatibility, Sitemap, Email Accounts, Annual Traffic Reports and Favicons.


What if I want Frequent Updates?

If you want frequent updates it will probably be more prudent to opt for one of the Anytime Updates packages. The Small Anytime Updates package and the Medium Anytime Updates packages could be of real interest to you.


What Extras Can I Add?

+ ADD £100 for Google Adwords Setup

+ ADD £85 for Graphic Design Plus

+ ADD £30 for Image Sourcing

+ ADD £10/month for Monthly Traffic Reports

+ ADD £13/week for Social Media Marketing


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