Online Portal Web Design Package

Online Portal Web Package £1599 + £18/week


The Online Portal Web Design package from Linedot Web Design was built to provide clients with a large expansive site for customers coupled with a members area for its staff to interact with online resources and communicate.


The Online Portal Web Design package meets your customers' needs with 40 pages (more can be added) detailing all that you offer with embedded video, slideshows and excellent graphic design.


The site will be developed by Linedot to have a highly secure online members area where you can create pages for staff eyes only and allow them to interact with documents, add their comments, vote on petitions and fill out questionnaires for example. Each of these elements is bespoke, and covered by the weekly cost.


This package allows unlimited e-mail accounts for staff use.


Embedded Videos



- The Online Portal Web Design Package includes up to 5 embedded videos (plus any you add as part of the monthly fee) as standard. Above, Matt Cutts from Google discusses the importance of video and video sitemaps on your website


Full Package Includes & Quick Details

Anytime Updates

Updates to your website's members area are completed by an experienced Webmaster, ensuring a smooth process each and every time. This package includes up to 2 hours of updates (video, text, new jquery devices, questionnaires, petitions) per week as and when required.


Graphic Design

This package includes full graphic design from digitalising your logo and other branding to the layout and aesthetic structure of the website. We will sit down and discuss our designs with you to get the best possible look and feel.


Also Includes:

Embedded Video, Dynamic Content, jQuery, MySQL, 2 Slideshows, 1 Googlemap, Image Sourcing, Contact Forms, 1 FREE Domain, Hosting, Internal SEO, Browser Compatibility, Sitemap, Email Accounts, Annual Traffic Reports and Favicons.


What if I want more than 2 Hours of Updates/week?

We can adjust the weekly cost of this package to suit your needs and will discuss your full requirements before purchase to make sure the package is providing you with every opportunity to get the content you want out there. We understand that some weeks are more busy than others, which is why we take the weekly time spent on updates as an average over a much longer period of time and won't charge extra as long as it is as close to the specified figure as is reasonable. We have yet to charge a customer for more allotted updates than we were expecting.


What Extras Can I Add?

+ ADD £100 for Google Adwords Setup

+ ADD £85 for Graphic Design Plus

+ ADD £2.50/week for Monthly Traffic Reports


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