Setup and Sell Web Design Package

Setup & Sell Package £549 + Monthly SEO and Marketing


The Setup & Sell web design package from Linedot Web Design is for those looking to really launch their website with a high scale and effective online marketing campaign. If you want your website to start performing straight away, bringing in plenty of business, then this is the package for you.


Customers of the Setup & Sell package can sit back and relax knowing that their online marketing is well and truly being taken care of. We will run a Google Adwords sponsored listings campaign to get you to the top of Google for your chosen keywords and implement an SEO system, 3 months down the line to really drive your products or services forward.


We will set you up with a fully comprehensive website, including a blog for regularly updated content. We will also run your social media campaigns if required - building your online profile right from the start.


What will the monthly cost be?

We will set a monthly budget for you, based upon your specific individual business requirements. This will cover the cost of the Google Adwords and External SEO campaign and will be added to the cost of running several social media accounts and providing monthly traffic reports. In total it will come to approximately £20/month plus agreed budget allocations. Remember that both Google Adwords is results based so any cost accrued should be outweighed by the gains (assuming your product/service is capable of converting potential customers in the form of website visitors into active customers).

Through experience, we have average figures for conversion rates (and much more) and can provide you with further details before you make any decision to go ahead with the marketing aspect of the Setup & Sell web design package. Just place your order below and wait to hear back from us in the next few moments. You're not tied to a cost commitment until after we have given you the full details of your package and you have agreed them completely.


Full Package Includes & Quick Details

Google Adwords

A Google Adwords campaign allows you to bid for certain key phrases and appear in the sponsored listings at the top of the results page. We can help research the best keywords to use to bring the right customers to your site. This package includes the set-up cost, normally £150.


External SEO

As part of this package Linedot Web Design will assist in setting up and performing a targeted search engine optimisation plan aimed at driving more traffic to your website via the search engines. Your website could appear higher in customers' search results, beating the competition.


Also Includes:

Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Blog, Monthly Traffic Reports, 1 Slideshow, Image Sourcing, Contact Forms, 1 FREE Domain, Hosting, Internal SEO, Browser Compatibility, Sitemap, Email Accounts and Favicons.


What Extras Can I Add?

+ ADD £85 for Graphic Design Plus

+ ADD £30 for Image Sourcing

+ ADD £60 for a Photography Session


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Westcountry Cleaning Services and their sister company HomeClean tasked us with providing an Adwords campaign which brought in an extra 150 website visitors each month.


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