Detailed Information Web Design Package

Detailed Info. Web Design Package £679


The Detailed Information Web Design package from Linedot Web Design was created to give potential clients with a very detailed and broad range of products or services the chance to have a website built which truly reflects their expansive ranges.


The Detailed Information Web Design package allows customers to have a page dedicated to each part of the business, up to 30 (more can be added), with jQuery elements to build interactions with the user and grab their attention.


We will also provide a years hosting for free, annual traffic reports and purchase your chosen domain (forever free at Linedot).


This package is similar to the Product Suite Web Design package except it is larger, allows unlimited e-mail accounts, multiple jQuery elements and includes a Googlemap as standard.





- The Detailed Information package includes 2 jQuery elements so you can have such devices as the Package Questionnaire that we created for use on our main packages section


Full Package Includes & Quick Details


If something moves and intrigues you on a website, its probably using jQuery to achieve this effect. A modern replacement for flash; it is supported on a wide range devices. This package includes two bespoke jQuery elements of your choice, as and when required.


Graphic Design

This package includes full graphic design from digitalising your logo and other branding to the layout and aesthetic structure of the website. We will sit down and discuss our designs with you to get the best possible look and feel.


Also Includes:

1 Googlemap, 1 Slideshow, Contact Forms, 1 FREE Domain, Hosting, Internal SEO, Browser Compatibility, Sitemap, Email Accounts, Annual Traffic Reports and Favicons.


What Extras Can I Add?

+ ADD £100 for Google Adwords Setup

+ ADD £85 for Graphic Design Plus

+ ADD £30 for Image Sourcing

+ ADD £10/month for Monthly Traffic Reports

+ ADD £13/week for Social Media Marketing


Customers with Similar Packages

Airtrace Ltd. sell a large range of highly specialised products from the latest security technology to large scale network testing solutions. Their products can be broken down by category, manufacturer and version and each has a dedicated page with full, expandable details. They have a jQuery datasheet selector which has been enhanced to enable users full control over the transition effect.


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