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Blog Web Design Package £449 + £3/week


The Blog Web Design package from Linedot Web Design was created to give those looking for an excellent blog style website a great platform to work from. A blog is simply a site that you can update with new articles whenever the creative urges take over!


What makes the Blog Web Design package from Linedot different is that we take over the original design aspects and build the aesthetics to your personal requirements based on a number of presets. We also set up your blog, using the well known and easy to use Wordpress software or our own bespoke control panel, on a domain of your own choice and make sure everything is running smoothly before turning over control to its rightful owner - you!


We will provide the hosting so you don't have to worry about that. We will purchase the domain for you too. You can have a domain based e-mail account and annual traffic reports to measure your success.



Usain Bolt's Website


- You are in good company, Usain Bolt's website uses a Wordpress Blogging platform


Full Package Includes & Quick Details


This package includes a blog using the easy to learn Wordpress software. You can update the blog yourself, creating new and interesting pages with the latest plug-ins at your disposal. Full Social Media integration is also supported.


Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content means content that will react to certain stimuli, often the date or accessing browser. This allows website owners to return the most applicable content to potential customers without hassle, as well as providing more interactive customisable galleries.


Also Includes:

MySQL, Contact Forms, 1 FREE Domain, Hosting, Internal SEO, Browser Compatibility, Sitemap, Email Accounts, Annual Traffic Reports and Favicons.


Why Wordpress?

Wordpress designs are built around templates. We add your logo and make a few graphical changes to bend the design to your needs. After that we find you a domain, employ a host and do all the technical setup to make it all work perfectly as you want it. After that, you can add all sorts, video, slideshows etc. at your own leisure using downloadable plug-ins - that is the beauty of the Wordpress platform.

If you'd rather a really simple to use interface you can also request Linedot's own blog software.


What Extras Can I Add?

+ ADD £60 for a Photography Session

+ ADD £10/month for Monthly Traffic Reports

+ ADD £50* for a Social Media Marketing Tutorship


(*Approximate figure, charged hourly)


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