The Truth About Keyword Plurals in Google Adwords

27 Feb

Keyword Plurals

The main goal of a successful Google Adwords campaign is to increase the number of clicks & conversion rate for each of your keywords. It may be tempting to let Google include plurals and misspellings in order to draw more traffic in. However your budget may be going to waste on clicks for keywords that may seem related yet may provide an entirely different context.


For example, a person searching for Interior Design would most likely be looking for an interior design service. Pluralise that keyword, and you have Interior Designs; a keyword most likely being used to search for actual designs themselves. If a person searching for this clicks through to your site and realises that you are offering a service rather than free design ideas, then your paid-for click will be unlikely to 'convert' into a sale.


This is why exact match keywords are recommended in Adword campaigns. You may draw in less clicks overall but this will cost you less in the long run. In addition a larger percentage of your traffic should convert as your chosen keywords will be much more relevant to your business.

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