The Truth About Keyword Plurals in Google Adwords

27 Feb

Keyword Plurals

The main goal of a successful Google Adwords campaign is to increase the number of clicks & conversion rate for each of your keywords. It may be tempting to let Google include plurals and misspellings in order to draw more traffic in. However your budget may be going to waste on clicks for keywords that may seem related yet may provide an entirely different context...

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What does Google Web Designer have to do with Web Design?

22 Nov

Google Web Designer

Not much unless you want a quick and simple way to create HTML5 adverts. Having been released for free in beta form, Google's "Web Designer" product has recently piqued the interest of web designers across the internet. The fact that the product is named Web Designer could lead many to believe this product will be a serious alternative to Adobe's Dreamweaver and other WYSIWYG applications. In it's current state however, this is simply not true as the only presets available are all aimed at Google's own Ads format.

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Did Facebook actually get hacked?

28 Aug


At some point in time, Facebook, like many large companies, stopped listening to those telling them that their site was not as secure as it should be. Last Thursday at 7pm GMT, Khalil Shreateh, a disgruntled Facebook user who had tried many times to inform the company of the security issue, 'hacked into' and posted on Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account.


But did he really 'hack' Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account in the way the we have come to understand the word 'hack'? Or did he just expose a bug? When we hear the word 'hacked', does it imply that credentials were stolen, or some other nefarious consequence?

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Do you want a totally different website on your mobile?

22 Aug

BBC Mobile Website

As a Web Designer, I understand that the phone browsing environment is a rapidly emerging market that we need to cater for. As a human being, I know how damn well annoying it is when I log on to a website and am forced to run a mobile version of the site that is lacking the feature I need.


One of the biggest culprits for this is eBay. Recently I sold a few household goods for a family member, who couldn't get me the measurements of the items before upload. I had to leave the office for a while but no problem, I can just edit the details of the listing from my phone whilst I'm out on business right? Well no, no you can't, because you're automatically re-directed to the annoying mobile version of the site, which after ages looking I can confirm does not have an option anywhere to edit your listing at this point in time.


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