About Linedot

Our Mission Statement:

To build lasting relationships with businesses, developing Linedot Web Design's online portfolio of clients to be one of the most trusted and successful web design solutions across the UK.


LineDot at Work


Our Goals:

1. To provide a complete and comprehensive web design service to our clients. Our focus and maintenance should enable the client to be happy leaving the website entirely in our hands, freeing them up to focus on other important aspects of the business.


2. To build websites that are user-friendly, clean, not overly busy and highly functional for all potential visitors. To remain inclusive, providing alternatives for website users with visual impairments and other disabilities and cater for all ages.


3. To maintain high standards of web design, in line with the rules set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), that are able to be easily indexed by search engines, with sitemaps and purely 'white-hat' SEO.


Our Promises:

1. We will never engage in cold-calling. If an opportunity where we may be of assistance arises, we may contact the potential client by e-mail, but will not do so without having first been informed that there is a need.


LineDot at Work


2. We will never outsource our work to India. Like you, we get phone calls and e-mails daily from companies based in India claiming they can provide an adequate service for minimal cost. From our experience dealing with customers who have previously used such companies, and from our own interactions with businesses who use such services, we understand that the service provided by such companies is incredibly poor, and will never outsource to any such company.


3. We will behave in a fair and understanding manner regarding all issues which may arise and act in the same way we expect other businesses to act towards us.


A Quick History:

Based in Plymouth (Devon), Linedot Web Design has been established for over a decade, growing naturally from a well respected local company to include a portfolio of national clients.


Linedot is owned and run by Paul Rostron, whose personal standards of work and pursuit of perfection influences the high expectations of the business going forward.


The most important thing to us is that our customers are successful and that their website customers are suitably satisfied with their experience. Our industry is fast-moving and constantly changing which allows us to continue developing our skillset for the future.